How To Restore Healthy Bone and Joint Health

It’s all too easy to take your bones for granted, especially if they aren’t causing you any obvious problems. But as you age, you’re more at risk of developing osteoporosis, the condition that causes weak, brittle bones. Often referred to as the ‘silent’ disease, for many the first sign anything is wrong is a broken hip or wrist. However, the reality of the condition is far from silent – in fact, the statistics speak loudly and clearly, with ever-growing numbers of the population being diagnosed with osteoporosis, and this will increase in prevalence as the population ages.

Osteoporosis is particularly common in women after the menopause, due to hormonal changes that affect bone mineralisation and reduce bone mass density. In fact, 50 per cent of women over 50 will suffer a bone fracture (as will 20 per cent of men). Yet many have no idea this is due to osteoporosis, until they’ve broken a bone several times.

Age isn’t the only factor affecting your bones, however. An array of lifestyle factors can impact on their health, including diet, illness, injury, certain medications and stress, your weight, or whether you smoke or drink – and your genetic make-up plays a part, too.

Your bone health goes hand in hand with that of your joints – and these also come under strain as you get older. Here, the signs something isn’t right are more obvious: pain, stiffness, inflammation and difficulty performing everyday tasks. Healthy joints rely on your body generating collagen – the structural protein essential for forming cartilage. The role of cartilage is to protect adjacent bones, and if it deteriorates, joints lose flexibility and grow ‘creakier’.

Eventually, bone surfaces can touch, leading to painful joints and inflammation in surrounding tissues. There is some good news, however. Your bones and joints are naturally capable of regenerating and repairing themselves, if looked after properly throughout life.


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