How to Tackle Hairloss after COVID-19

“Any one experiencing hair loss after being diagnosed with COVID 19?” “ Help.. I have noticed my hair is shedding more than usual!! Any tips please?”

A lot of people are voicing their concern about hair loss, a condition which is on the rise during these hard times we are living in. One of the reasons that we are seeing more hair loss is Covid 19. Whether you had Covid 19 in the past or not, it seems that a lot of people are noticing an increase in hair loss, which in itself can lead to further stress.

Why could COVID 19 cause hair loss?”

A lot of research being published at the moment indicates that one of the long-term symptoms of Covid 19 is hair loss. A November 2020 study, issued by Pubmed, investigated late-onset Covid-19 symptoms in a small group of participants. 24.1% of these reported hair losses.(1)

But why does this happen?

The American Academy of Dermatology Association states that temporary hair loss is normal after a fever, a common symptom in Covid 19 patients, or illness. (2) This explains why a percentage of patients who had Covid 19 in the past are experiencing hair loss a few months after the illness. Studies also indicate that females are at a higher risk than males.

What about patients who were never Covid positive but are still experiencing hair loss?”

The Pandemic itself is causing a lot of stress & anxiety in most of us which can also lead to hair loss. Also, seeing hair falling in itself is also stressful so taking steps to relieve stress is also very important.

“Is this reversible? Will my hair ever grow back?”

One has to keep in mind that when one is suffering from Telogen effluvium, hair growth tends to return to normal. However, it takes time. Telogen effluvium (TE) is a condition where there is a disturbance in the Hair Growth Cycle. This disturbance results in the hair follicle entering into the Telogen phase, or the shedding phase for a longer period of time. Thus, taking longer for the follicle to re-enter into the Anagen phase i.e. the growing phase. The good news is that there are products that will help speed up the recovery process and help stimulate the hair follicle, by providing specific nutrients needed for hair growth to start again.

With a number of anti hair loss supplements available, picking the right one can be an arduous task! However, look no further than Nourkrin Hair Growth Supplement! 

Nourkrin Hair Growth Supplement

Nourkrin is an innovative product that is being used to re-establish normal hair growth. Nourkrin is a novel therapeutic approach to hair loss. The proprietary active ingredient, Marilex, is rich in key lectican proteoglycans that are present in human hair follicles and are essential to hair follicle cycling. Marilex acts on both dormant and existing hair follicles by stimulating dormant hair follicles to enter the Anagen (Growth) Phase and also by prolonging the Anagen phase, resulting in a balanced, healthy Hair Growth Cycle. In this way, it promotes continuous healthy hair regrowth and reduces the amount of hair shedding.

“How should I use Nourkrin?”

It is recommended to take Nourkrin tablets for 6 months due to the average length of the Hair Growth Cycle. Though individual results vary, most Nourkrin users start to notice a difference after 2 to 3 months of proper use on the recommended daily intake. The usual dose is that of one tablet in the morning and one in the evening, after food.

Nourkrin is safe and side-effect-free, but it should not be taken by people with allergies to fish as the active ingredient is a marine-derived extract.

Nourkrin is supported by 30 years of research into hair growth disorders and has been awarded two Gold Medals from the World Trichology Society.

“But does Nourkrin work?”

In tests, where 3,000 Nourkrin users were asked, 83% saw an improvement after taking Nourkrin® for 12 months.*

Nourkrin’s market leader status is the result of more than 56 scientific studies and clinical papers as well as several consumer studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals over the last 30 years.

Nourkrin is available from all leading pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist for more information or contact us via chat.




*Always remember that individual results may vary