Probiotic Tampons for Good Vaginal Health

Colonies of bacteria, known collectively as vaginal flora, inhabit the vagina. The vaginal flora is very fragile. Factors such as stress, tight clothes, antibiotics, a new sex partner, etc, can all disturb the vaginal flora and the results can be very uncomfortable!

A type of bacteria known as lactobacilli dominate the vaginal flora inside a healthy vagina. These lactobacilli are the body’s best defence against vaginal imbalance and infection. Loss of lactobacilli can result in bacterial vaginosis. This occurs when the normal flora is replaced by harmful bacteria or by a vaginal yeast infection (candidiasis).

Follow these 5 tips to maintain the balance down below:

  1. Always wear underwear made out of 100% cotton and avoid underwear containing nylon and lycra as much as possible. You should never wear pantyhose or tights without wearing cotton underwear underneath. Also, wash new underwear before you wear them for the first time.
  1. Some women, especially those who use oral contraceptives, may find using a vaginal lubricant during sex is helpful in preventing vaginal discomfort and irritation.
  1. Eat probiotic rich food, such as fermented foods like kimchi and yogurt, regularly to help balance your vaginal pH levels and prevent infection.
  1. Use probiotic tampons, such as Ellen Probiotic Tampons, during each menstruation to help maintain the natural vaginal balance.
  1. Avoid perfumed bath additives, as well as powders in the vaginal area. Also, avoid using douches unless prescribed by your physician since douching washes away the natural protective bacterial flora of the vagina.

What are Ellen Probiotic Tampons?

Ellen Probiotic Tampons are patented tampons loaded with probiotics. Proven to support the natural vaginal balance and improve vaginal health.

Ellen Probiotic Tampons

Ellen Probiotic Tampons are a spin-off of an age-old household remedy that entails dipping tampons in yogurt to reduce vaginal discomfort. Ellen Probiotic Tampons are a far more efficient solution, unlike the bacteria found in yogurt, the lactic acid bacteria in these tampons are vegan and resemble the ones found in a healthy women’s natural vaginal flora.

Ellen Probiotic Tampons should be used for at least three menstruations after experiencing any vaginal discomfort, or during/after the use of antibiotics. For women with recurrent vaginal problems these tampons can be used during every menstrual cycle.

Ellen Probiotic Tampons are available in three sizes; mini, normal and super. The amount of menstrual bleeding varies and differs from one woman to another, so it is important to choose the right size for your needs. The different sizes have different absorbency capacities. You should use:

Ellen Mini: if your menstruation is light

Ellen Normal: if your menstruation is normal

Ellen Super: if your menstruation is heavy

Ellen Probiotic Tampons are available from all leading pharmacies or online from here.