Benecos Colour Edition Kabuki Brush


Benecos Colour Edition Kabuki Brush


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Benecos Color Edition Kabuki Brush is a fantastic brush with its compact and synthetic hair. It is perfect for applying both solid and loose powder, which gives a beautiful result by moving the brush around in circular motion. In addition, it is also perfect for applying mineral based products as it penetrates and breaks the minerals beautifully so that the product is silk-soft on the skin. The Color Edition series from Benecos consists of a series of extremely soft brushes that are especially hypoallergenic. They are manufactured with high-quality toray fibers that ensure stunning color absorption as well as application. This amazing series is made with rounded tips and is both elastic and durable.


– Kabuki brushes
– Used for application of both solid and loose powder
– Perfect for application of mineral based products
– Use the brush in circulatory movements on the face
– Made of light and soft fibers of high quality
– Allergy