Benecos Colour Edition Blending Brush


Benecos Colour Edition Blending Brush


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Benecos Color Edition Blending Brush is an indispensable tool in your makeup purse. This brilliant brush allows you to blend your eye shadow to perfection, avoiding sharp edges. If you have two colors you want to flow naturally together without a sudden transition, this brush is also perfect for the task. Additionally, it is also good at general application of eye shadow, especially extra pigmented, where you just want to look so much a look. The Color Edition series from Benecos consists of a series of extremely soft brushes that are especially hypoallergenic. They are manufactured with high-quality toray fibers that ensure stunning color absorption as well as application. This amazing series is made with rounded tips and is both elastic and durable.


– Blending Brush
– Made of high quality soft and lightweight fibers
– Allergy
– Perfect for removing sharp edges
– Blend colors together to perfection
– Good for applying eye shadow, especially extra pigmented