XLS Max Strength Slimming Tablet


XLS Max Strength Slimming Tablet


Reach your weight loss goal even faster *:

33% more effective
The first slimming aid that reduces calorie intake from main nutrients: Carbohydrates, Sugar and Fat
Clinically proven

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With XLS-Medical Max Strength weight loss is more convenient.


Just take 2 tablets with liquid up 30 min before two main meals of the day.

Just remember it is not recommended to exceed more than 4 tablets a day. Drink enough liquid throughout the day (2L) as this will aid in digestion and keep you hydrated.

You can also safely continue using XLS-Medical after you have reached your desired weight, for example before consuming a particularly calorie-rich meal, in order to help maintain your weight or to prevent excess weight gain.

TAKE THE PILL BOX WITH YOU! In order not to forget to take your weight loss pills we have added free pill box in the XLS-Medical Max Strength packaging. Take XLS-Medical Max Strength for at least one month or more! Depending on your weight loss goal you may continue to take XLS-Medical Max Strength for 12 weeks or more

XLS-Medical Max Strength is a medical device. Please carefully read the leaflet prior to use.