AllergoCHECK – Home Allergy Test


AllergoCHECK – Home Allergy Test

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  • Home allergy test that lets you know what you could be allergic to
  • The test is designed to detect IgE (Immunoglobulin E) antibodies using just a small sample of blood
  • Gives you results within 15 minutes
  • Easy to use test with clear and simple instructions on how to perform the test
  • Suitable for use on adults and children if you suspect your child has allergies

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Sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes aren’t necessarily symptoms of a cold, they could all be allergy related. If you or your child regularly struggle with these symptoms, this simple test can let you know if you have the IgE antibodies in your blood.

IgE antibodies are produced by the immune system when it overreacts to a supposed allergen. These antibodies then travel to cells that release chemicals, causing an allergic reaction. It is therefore not the allergen itself that causes you irritation, it is the body’s own overreactive response that gives you symptoms!

This simple test has all you need to tell you within 15 minutes if your blood contains these troublesome antibodies. In the box, you have all you need including detailed and concise instructions and all required equipment, including:

  • Instruction leaflet
  • Sterile finger lancet
  • Blood tube
  • Developer solution
  • Test cassette